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The game is entirely online, you needn't download anything.

It's sort of nice to be a prince. Unfortunately, as the youngest, you are third in line to the throne behind your wicked brothers. Two entire tragic and unforeseen calamities would need to befall your brethren before you feel the weight of a crown on your scalp. And that's even assuming King Wilfred kicks the existential bucket anytime soon, despite being what is he...150 years old? Do you have what it takes? There's definitely something special about you. You just wish you could remember what it was.

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Published313 days ago

Install instructions

Visit http://stepchild.storynexus.com/a/StepchildROLDONT... (sets up "tester" access; you will need to log in or be logged in with account)

Play the game at http://stepchild.storynexus.com/s (you will create a separate "character" name so your game is saved)

The download includes a PDF file with more information about the game and links to play.


Stepchild - BYOD.zip (235 kB)

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